Important notice :

In compliance with regulations issued by Bahrain Civil Aviation Affairs, Bahrain International Airport is rolling out additional health and safety measures to protect the wellbeing of passengers and staff at the terminal during the COVID-19 pandemic. The measures will be regularly updated based on new scientific findings as the situation evolves.

All passengers are advised to reconfirm the status of their flights with their airlines. Passengers may also contact the call center on 80007777 or the international number 80114444 to check the status of their flights.



Self-Check-in Services

Why wait when you can check-in without standing in the queue? At Bahrain International Airport, several self-check-in kiosks are installed in the departure hall to help you save precious time.

Prayer rooms

If you are seeking a quiet and tranquil space for your prayers, you will be pleased to know that there are plenty of prayer rooms located in the terminal for you to reflect and meditate.

Medical Services

If you require urgent medical attention, please get in touch with any of our staff or call 17321693. We will make sure to send you a medical team or arrange an ambulance right away.

Services for Passengers with Disability

Bahrain International Airport is committed to making travel easier for people with disabilities. Wheelchair access, disabled-friendly toilets and plenty of other services have been provided along every step of the way everywhere so passengers with disabilities can move around safely and comfortably.

Cellular Carriers

Need to make a phone call back home? You will find your preferred networks at Bahrain International Airport.

Smoking Areas

At Bahrain International Airport smoking is permitted only in the designated smoking areas in the terminal. Please note that the law strictly prohibits smoking anywhere else in the terminal.

Emergency Number

If you are facing an emergency, please use the internal phone and dial 999 so help can be sent across to you right away. Alternatively, in case you can’t find the phone, please get in touch with our support staff for all the assistance you need.


We know tiring long flights can be. Which is why our eGates are specially designed to help you get in and out quickly. Breeze through passport control without standing in long queues